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Stefano Marvulli
Visual Artist and Graphic Designer
Alessandro Lago
PHP and iOS Developer
Each vector object, graphics element, papercraft, wallpaper and all the creations of Alfreedo were born from a simple white sheet. We don't publish third-party products, only original masterpiece.
High quality images
Enjoy Alfreedo's posts at the highest resolution. View every detail in high quality Retina and Full HD. No other site has this definition because on Alfreedo you will find the quality you are looking for.
You can download anything you want from Alfreedo, you can also make a donation, you will be welcomed :-) The important thing is to make tribute taking about us and sharing our porducts on social networks to send an important message, creativity is for everyone.
Alfreedo designs, creates and build for you
Welcome to Alfreedo, the website created to inspire creativity, download the contents created for you by Visual Artist Stefano Marvulli.
You will find mockup for smartphones and beautiful "creatures" that can be printed and used to play home with your kids.

Every Wallpaper is made for desktop resolution Retina Display, high-resolution tablet and smartphone in full HD.
You can also find user interface and graphics that are generated in vector, this may facilitate or inspire you on creating new ones.

Posters are available in vector format A3, you can print and hang them in your home or office; choose the colour and we do the rest.
Also Alfreedo offers wonderful Icons to make your Finder more cool and colourful, tools for Apple Numbers and Keyonote format to customise your presentations or enhance your graphics with new detailed interfaces.

This is Alfreeedo, the free web portal! It’s free and open to digital innovation.

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