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Pink Monster Wallpaper
Alfreedo presents its new collection of monsters designed for iPhone 5C for any tablet device, smartphone or desktop that need a bit of colour into their life! Each monster in a different color: yellow, white, green, pink and blue, great wallpapers for your iPad, tablet, iPhone, smartphone, desktop, laptop by italian visual artist Stefano Marvulli. Subscribe to Alfreedo and download for free all the monsters that you want !!

Pink Monster


Stefano Marvulli
  • Stefano marvulli
  • Smathphone
  • Tablet
  • Desktop
  • Wallpaper
  • Illustration
  • Vector
  • Flat monster
  • Iphone 5c
  • Monster
  • Pink
Format: JPG
All wallpaper present on Alfreedo are unique and original. Created by Stefano Marvulli, they are available in three different digital formats: desktop, smartphone and tablet. Download now your wallpaper in Full HD for free!